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Creative techniques for projection video mapping

Hey Lighters, we want to present you the great products of our partners – international Austria based video production company LIME ART GROUP https://limeartgroup.com/ 
Welcome Video Mapping Loops – branded vj and video mapping products by Alexander Kuiava which were lanched and presented in far 2012 at Space VJ Meeting in Poland.


Create Video Mapping 90% faster without plugins or scripts

Video Mapping Loops – 3D Video Animation for Architectural, interior and Object Video Mapping Projections. Developed for different architectural styles: Gothic, Roman, Barroco, Moderne, Islamic, Victorian etc. Using any VJ Software (Resolume, Arkaos Grand VJ, Modul8) or Video Production software as Adobe After Effect You can create wonderful projections maps for your future projects. Easy blend effects: Stencil Luma, or Multiply or Luma Key in combination with Video Mapping Loops can perform any Video Mapping surface and create an effect of 3d depth.


After Space Vj Meeting were produced a lot of different Video Mapping Loops Packs. Second Edition – Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.2 – Smart Reflection is realy great.
LIME ART contain there different  video mapping trends 3d animation:  Cube rotation,  Displace Effect Vj Loops, Fallen Walls, Cracks and Explosions, Wireframe Textures, Extrude Effects, Polygonal animation and many more.


Download Video Mapping Loops. Available only at LIME ART GROUP VJ Shop and Video Mapping Store.

3D displacement maps and video transitions for projection video mapping show. 3D displace effect monochromatic motion backgrounds for architectural video projections. Second edition of Video Mapping Loops is also included first FREE edition of Video Mapping Loops Free Pack.

Video Mapping Loops pack vol. 2 – Smart Reflection


#3rd Edition special. Official slogan: Create & Destroy. All Video Maping Loops Pack Vol.3 – has 42 Video loops with explosions video effect, crashing and fallen walls
Video Mapping Loops  Pack Vol.3 – Fallen & Rise

Developed for Video Mapping Liquid effect lovers. 26 Full hd video loops with 50fps framerate. If you will add to Your facade front texture Wave effect – the final look will be much better:  but all video mapping tipps you also can find in Video Mapping Tutorials which is also included to purchased video loops pack.

Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.4 – Fluid Fabrics


5th Edition you will need if your building size is wide or you works with interior projections. Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.5 – Panorama – extra wide video loops and 3d animation for video mapping projections. High quality Video Animation Loops, pretty looks like Video Mapping Loops Pack.Vol.2 – Smart Reflection. But its not  same! Special for interrior, large scale panorama or wide architecture! 50 Video Loops / 4096X1024 / 50fps / Photojpeg


Exclusive Edition with Wireframe effects and 3d backgrounds and video textures: Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.6 – Wire Texture. Strip your Architecture!


Video Mapping Loops Vol.7 – Displacement Maps and Video Mapping Loops Vol.9 – Color Maps

were developed for Object Video Mapping. Cube Video Mapping. Alexander Kuiava created the technic to merge different animations to one video pattern (Video texture/projection map).  Here you can see a nice object video mapping tutorial. One more tip: If You will use content from Displace Maps or Color Maps in Resolume for Live VJing, use TILE Effect. Its will be a very beautiful Interior Motion Background.


Btw, similar video mapping technic was used at Austrian Music Festival – Frequency Festival where LIME ART did a Object video mapping installation. Here is a video report.


You can also use it as Masks for you content when you VJ live. And finaly the most newest 10th Video Mapping Loops Pack Vol.10 – Transition


Also Video Mapping Tutorial

More Products for Video Mapping Projection You can find here . LIME ART GROUP also developed Video Mapping Toolkits – Animated Architectural Elements for Facade Video Mapping, but this we will introduce you next month. They have a lot of discount vouchers and special partners program for Customers, so just write to them if you need one.

Good luck guys,
Your Eva Fechten.


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