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Today we want to show you a very special top-7 Video Mapping Toolkits produced specially for 3D Projection Mapping Video Show. Columns, Arcs, Windows, Pediments – all you need for your Building Facade. There is possibility to buy it online or take a look at other toolkits at websites:

#7. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.14 – Flower Boom Lime Art Group Shop 

Floral design is always on trend. People want to see flowers when they’re happy. As true symbols of life energy, these beautiful digital flowers can be everywhere! There is a solution for every possible architectural element. Roses, chamomiles, sunflowers, geraniums – here are the details of these elegant patterns!

#6. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.11 – Glitch Reload Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Glitch is something that’s always on trend, especially among visual artists. Moreover, architectural elements with glitch grainy texture and vibrant neon colors can turn any boring building into magnificent digital castle with the help of your creativity and projection mapping techniques!

#5. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.8 – Visual LSD Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Psychedelics aren’t popular anymore. But they’ve created the huge course of aesthetics, that still looks stylish and provocative. Vibrant acid colors is a great ideas for any building’s makeover! These neon animated elements replicate architectural shapes and set the right mood for perception of durable art.

#4. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.1 – Green Nature Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Mother Nature is the best creator, even if it comes to digital art and projection mapping! Use floral ornaments to emphasize the beauty of your building. Plants will weave around and confuse your audience! Light and shadows will dance around your screen. It’s a win-win combination of visuals!

#3. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.12 – Crystal Hall Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Ice, cold, icicles, snow, frost – these are not the most pleasant phenomena, are they? But they’re extremely beautiful. We tried to show the frozen beauty with the help of crystal architectural elements for projection mapping shows! Build a true Snow Queen’s palace, cold and cool, mysterious and enormous!

#2. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.20 – Golden Age Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Architectural elements of various vibrant colors (green, pink, violet, blue, red and their omnifarious shades) will help you to eventually create the show of your dream. Life’s too long to wait and hesitate – grab this tool kit, turn on your imagination and become the best in your field! it’s gonna be the golden  age of your video mapping career!

#1. Video Mapping Toolkit Vol.19 – Rose House Lime Art Group Shop / Videomapping Store

Roses are red, violets are blue, this video mapping toolkit is waiting for you! No kidding, just look at these awesome architectural elements made of roses. They look super natural and realistic – can you feel the smell? Romantic floral arcs, windows, lines and attic – this set is fabulous!

Set of Animated architecture and facade elements produced in PNG Sequences with alpha channel.

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