Lichttapete Collective:

3D Mapping is an Art of Generation that Lives Fast and doesn’t Measure Success with Money  


Lumen: How did you assemble the Lichttapete dream team and start active work?

Lichttapete: The Viennese light art collective Lichttapete formed itself about fifteen years ago. Before, all of us were active alone, doing projections in clubs, on parties and exhibitions. We all used analogue slide projectors to realize big panoramas, combined with motors, mirrors and cut glass in order to bring in some motion. Our work evolved from photography, long before Photoshop was developed or affordable beamers were available. As we started our work, there wasn’t even an expression for what we were doing. Then slowly concepts like VJing were born, but we couldn’t identify with it either, since we always tried to put the focus on the altering of entire rooms.

Lumen: Was it difficult to find the right and comfortable balance between art and commerce?

Lichttapete: Over the years a very natural development has taken place. We have worked in various fields. In most cases the borders between art and commerce are close to each other. Every work has ist own challenge, so you can learn from each project for the future, no matter if it is art or not. We are not sure if all good artists can live from their work. Van Gogh sold only one painting in his entire life, but he is one of the worlds most famous artists. We appreciate all people who try something new. Art is often imperfect, it can result from errors, art is not a professional thing.


Lumen: Could you describe some of your most successful projects?

Lichttapete: We have realized many interesting projects such as «Wien leuchtet», projections on the Zürich opera house, various Urban  Art Forms festivals and so on.

Lumen: By the way, how do you measure success of a project? Feedback from audience, earned money, your own satisfaction?

Lichttapete: We believe success is a very personal thing and has the most to do with personal satisfaction. Of course the feedback from people can be interesting, but it should not affect ones work. Earned money has nothing to do with the quality of a project, otherwise new art forms could never evolve.


Lumen: Which styles of  video mapping or approaches do you like the most?

Lichttapete: There is no style that we prefer or reject. The most important thing is to be individual.

2016 – Wien leuchtet 2016 Mapping Show from Lichttapete on Vimeo.


Lumen: Can you compare the video mapping situation in Austria with other countries? Which cultural or market traits affect these differences?

Lichttapete: We think the visual scene in Austria and in particular in Vienna was always very progressive. Visuals in general are  integrated in the club culture, art scene and in daily life.


Lumen: Some of Austian VJs are ready to organize performances in dubious clubs within fast commercial events. Is it art?

Lichttapete: Such cases can be called art or not. Even the original concept of art is very flexible. And everything depends on the each specific show.


Lumen: How do you see the future of video mapping and media art in general? Can technical innovations change this field completely?

Lichttapete:  Of course, technical innovations will alter this field. More and more people can have access to software and hardware that were previously reserved to a few people.The possibilities increase. Nevertheless, one must not confuse art and technology, art can also be created with simple means.

Lumen: That’s an interesting point! So do you see any difference betweet ultra modern projections and ancient rock paintings? Maybe these art forms have a lot in common… And what conteporary fashionable media can say about our generation? Are we lazy, inventive, talented, open-minded?

Lichttapete: At the beginning of this question it seems necessary to define the difference between rock paintings and 3d mapping. Ancient rock paintings are the first documented artistic expressions of mankind. They lasted for thousands of years. They are believed to have a magico- religious meaning and are the closest link to the moment when the human mind, with ist unique capacity for symbolism and imagination, switched on. 3D mapping is an ephemeral art form and it’s still very young. A building is used as projection surface, it is recreated with 3d software in order to emphasize the specific architecture and often to tell a certain story, which is combined with special effects. It is the output of a generation which lives fast, but has creative, futristic ideas.

Lumen: What are Lichttapete’s favorite festivals and regular events for video mapping lovers, VJs and visual artists?

Lichttapete: We like and appreciate The New Forms Festival Wiesen, various light festivals like Lyon, Eindhoven, Vienna, etc.

2017 – Lighthouse Festival from Lichttapete on Vimeo.

Lumen: Share your development strately for the future!

Lichttapete: We are always interested in pushing back our boundaries artistically and technically.

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