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VJamm made by Camart Ltd., described by the software publisher as a “piano for sound and vision.” It comes in two primary variants, VJamm (£50) and the VJamm Pro (£299). The professional version carry a number of advanced features, including support for higher resolution clips – 2048×2048, (while VJamm supports only up to 720×576), support for more file types (“.mov”, “.swf”, “.3ds”), better media import methods (Live Text creation and SMS to screen) and the ability to record a particular composition for later use. The Pro edition also allows the purchaser access to VJamm’s development program, which in turn is one of the reasons why the latest versions have a lot of intuitive features – driven by inputs from VJ’s who have used VJamm in the field.

Providing a comprehensive audio-visual solution, VJamm is reputed among VJ’s as having one of the most accurate time-bases which make it highly suitable for professional presentations – clip stretching and other clip calisthenics. Other attractive features include a responsive cross-fade module, a range of on-the-fly clip controls (like soft edge luma key, opacity, etc.), support for up to 16 layers of video with individual controls for each, and more.

There are add-ons that can be downloaded such as VJamm Blueprint which is an intuitive tool for creating attractive visual improvisations on-the-fly. The great thing about the add-ons is that you don’t have to purchase them – they are available for free to download, and will work as long as you use the registration key that is provided during purchase of VJamm/Pro – the publisher’s promise “you pay only once.”

But VJamm is for Windows PCs only. Minimum requirements: 1GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP with an Open GL graphics card. Free demo version is also available.

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