Textures by We Are Maniacs

Textures is a tribute to the many contemporary and classical artists who have perfected their techniques creating masterpieces. Revisited through typography, they combine perfection & timelessness.

Textures – is like a thankful letter to a Teachers and Classics. These young men are definitely rising up to their high level.

WE ARE MANIACS  is the creative collaboration of two talented artists in their passion on graphic design & video. These guys are students, but their works inspire a lot! Alexis and Federico are really inimitable in their artistic manner and they never stop to create something conceptually new, even if they call it a tribute. But although you can feel some kind of academic vision in the scenarios of their works.

Alexis is a french graphic designer based in Paris and he enjoys typography, photography and biology. Now he’s studying Master’s Degree in Visual Communication (ESAG Penninghen School of Graphic Design and Interior Architecture). Although he’s intern in One More Studio as a Junior Art Director.

The most interesting part of their collaboration is still in the future. We believe in you, Maniacs!

You can follow authors here:

Alexis – http://alexiszacchi.fr/

Federico – http://supranutz.com/

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