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3D projection mapping has a unique ability to put perceptions of volume, depth, and space to the test. This ability is multiplied tenfold when the projection surface is an artwork in and of itself, as in the case for these 103 paper pyramids. Say hello to Tesela: Berlin based artist Arístides García, a.k.a., lasal, installed a wall of different-sized paper pyramids as his canvas for his newest interactive sculpture. lasal describes the interactive environment as a geometric exploration made possible with help from the observer. Tesela projects algorithmically generated graphical patterns and visual illusions in real-time, based on dynamic tessellation models not dissimilar to Raven Kwok’s work in Karma Fields’ “Skyline” music video. The self-described “illusory metamorphic dream” was exhibited at the Krake Festival in August, an annual festival in Berlin for challenging underground electronic music and interdisciplinary art.

Last Thursday, lasal released a video on his Vimeo page with footage of the installation in action. Check it out below:

Tesela Interactive Paper Sculpture from lasal on Vimeo.

Click here for more from lasal.

Via The Creators Project

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