August 18, 2017 White Witches Santa Fiora (GR)
Church of the Suffrage – Piazza Carducci

△▼ E S S E R E ▲▽ [videomapping] from Q2Visual on Vimeo.

In Santa Fiora the “canvas” choice is the Church of the Suffrage.
The plot of the work is intertwined in the symbols of the fantastic imagination of the Q2, part of the ground, water, air, fire and the four elements into the mythology of nemesis and rebirth.
“Being” is a way of representing ancestral feelings and at the same time paying tribute to the Amiata, a sleeping volcano, a mineral producer, father and mother of the two young authors.
The biggest emotion was “E S AND R E” at home.
Q2 Visual Project (Alessio Mangiavacchi and Irene Bigattini)
in collaboration with:
Marco Connelli | sound designer
Michele Guidarini | graphic
Lorenzo Gonnelli | video editing
Gaia Magnani | video footage
Live 95 | audio-video-lights service
Event promoted by the City of Santa Fiora and Pro Loco – Municipality of Santa Fiora

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