Woah!  Now you can play the great Nintendo Entertainment System games you grew up with, on the walls of an entire room, with 8 of your closest friends.  Bob Sumner and his group of engineers have come up with the coolest update to Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, and other NES games.  The new and improved system takes many of the nostalgic and inventive pieces of  the Nintendo that you grew up with and adds that technological boost that we have come to expect from projects out of Disney Research.

“What do you get if you combine the nerdy ingenuity of ETH Zurich, the creativity of Disney researchers, and a swanky Swiss night club with a 360-degree projection system? The world’s only cooperative 8-player, 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System capable of continuous, panoramic side-scrolling on that aforementioned 360-degree display, of course.”

Sumner explains, “Basically, we observed that the 8-bit era of gaming had a huge collective influence on so many people, but the actual gaming experience was typically an individual one. We wanted to turn this idea upside down, and elevate the NES console experience into a group experience where people can play in a collaborative setting.”


For more details go here and for technical details on the project you can access the open-source research paper they published here.

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Via Projection Mapping

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