LFG 2015

Ghent will blaze with light for the third time at the LFG from January 29th until February 1st 2015. The long-awaited third edition of this festival will run for four days with a festival route even longer than last time, along which you can see all kinds of light sculptures, spectacular projects and installations by contemporary national and international artists.

LFG 2015

Read the program here.

Edition 2011 had no less than 200,000 visitors whilst edition 2012 gathered 500,000 visitors. This festival will run for four days with a festival route even longer than last time of 5 kilometres.

You can start wherever you want. There are four info points on the route where you can get a map.


Students will demonstrate experiments with light. Ghent University has created an interactive route with scientific light installations in the UFO building. Enjoy the walk and experience the surprising variety of light creations.


Each evening, from January 29th until February 1st 2015, from 6 pm until midnight.

Although power cuts are very unlikely, the Light festival will not take place during a power cut. Follow www.lichtfestivalgent.be or our social media channelswww.facebook.com/LichtfestivalGent and @LichtfestivalGe for current information.


The Light Festival will be held in the Historical Centre and Arts Quarter of Ghent.
The five kilometer route passes many historic sites and monuments.
Le Festival de la Lumière se tiendra à


All the artworks can be visited free of charge.

LFG 2015


If the planned power cuts are put into action in Ghent (which is highly improbable), the Light Festival will communicate through the website www.lichtfestivalgent.be and social media channels www.facebook.com/LichtfestivalGent and @LichtfestivalGe.


During the first 2 editions there was hardly more energy use thanks to different measures. At certain locations the lights were put out (street lights, lights in bars and restaurants, publicity panels…). The organisation also used low energy projectors and leds for the different art works. This year we will do just the same.


LAb[au] – Chrono

New Zebra (Zebrastraat)

Chrono links the basic units of time with the primary colours of light.


Design museum Gent (Jan Breydelstraat)

The exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum in partnership with Fundaçào EDP takes you on a journey through the history and innovation of light art. Until 15 March 2015.


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