Brazillian photographer, Vitor Shietti, has been working with light painting and incorporating it into the natural surrounding. Schietti takes to both the countryside and the city to capture his images, which complement things such as bodies of water and trees in a pretty interesting way. At times the light painting resembles a dense spiderweb entombing a tree, while other times it looks like a gentle, soaking rain shower. Either way, they really encourage you to get in there for a closer look–fascinating!

To see more of Vitor Schietti’s work you can visit his website or check out these cool double exposure portraits he has over on Flickr. And, if you’d like, you can give his Instagram a follow, too. _MG_9018-flat IMG_0240-Edit _MG_0479-Edit _MG_0641-Edit _MG_7885 IMG_9508-Edit _MG_7900 fotoinconsciente3

Via DIY Photography

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