HEXPIXELS the “C++ Punks” is a unit for realtime visual performance by Satoru Higa, an artist/programmer renowned for his contribution to openFrameworks community (core addon (ninja) developer), and sound artist/vj/programmer Kezzardrix whose works range from his own interactive installation to live visuals VJ for artists like SJQ++. Based on their diverse backgrounds of interactive programming, they probe & experiment the creativity of realtime rendering with shaders, physical models, game engines, and above all with their own repositories.

Most recently, the duo has performed at the Meme City: Hacking Realities, Media Art Festival @Hangzhou, China on December 24th, 2015. Their performance system comprised of a Blackmagic Switcher (ATEMTelevisionStudio) which controls Max/MSP and lets 3 PCs output auto-switch to Audio Reactive with a special addition of RICOH THETA S which is used as a realtime video feed via MaxMSP and openFrameworks. For more, see video of the mesmerising performance below.

Satoru Higa | Kezzardrix | Meme City | BRDG _ (production)


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