visual performances by COMPAGNIE HYBRIDE

Dubai continues to direct its energy into the development and the Dubai 2015 Strategy is a roadmap that charts this sustained effort.

With this in mind H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum established the prestigious ‘Hamdan International Photography Award’. This demonstrates the commitment of Dubai to encouraging and supporting art, culture and innovation. The Award appeals to all talented photographers across the globe, and also nurtures national talent, which will in turn attract international art and cultural attention. The Award highlights how Dubai is fast developing into one of the most artistically conscious and established cities in the world.

These two visual performances demonstrate the creative approach to the deeply artistic process of taking photos. It’s a great vision of mastery demonstrated with the help of video master’s skills. Enjoy!


Production: Auditoire Dubai
Antoine Croise – Jean-Baptiste Cabrera – Audrey Baldacci

Video animation: Pixel n’Pepper
Direction: Nathanaelle Picot

Choreography: Lionel Hun
Performers: Régis Truchy

Music: Loïc Masson
Light designer: Bruno Corsini

About Compagnie Hybride:

Dedicated to the design and distribution of live shows combining the arts in all its forms, Compagnie Hybride offers a fusion of aesthetics. It is positioned at the crossroads of creativity where the bodies and new technology meet. Land on which confronts, body language and visual arts, in order to promote a work interdisciplinary research, choreography and artistic innovation.

Through its creations, productions, performances, films, exhibitions, installations, educational workshops and event services, Compagnie Hybride, carried primarily by a desire to exchange, sharing, research and development, has a mandate to create and disseminate its designs in the artistic and cultural networks nationally and internationally.

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