Paul Vivien, France

The most interesting issue of LPM 2015 is that you gravitate the people similar to you. That’s why Lumen met Paul Vivien, young and promising Media artist from France. And the talk was based on mutual knowledge exchange and planning the future.



New media artist specialized in the design and control of video installations and visual performances.
    _audiovisual sculptures in galleries
    _big screens in nightclubs and festivals
   _projection on architectures and monuments

Co-founder and Manager of OYÉ visual art label


Lumen: Oh hi, Paul, nice to meet you! Have you got interested in Polyform elements?

Paul: Yes, it’s kind of similar with our Kaleidos project in the frameworks of OYÉ label.

Lumen: What do you mean?

Paul: We create surface systems for mapping, one series within one style for each 6 months. And make it open for people. All elements are made of fire-resisting cardboard, very qualitative. Kaleidos team are aimed to create new collections concidering different math bases and art aproaches to make fascinating shows. Also we are spreading the area of possibilities for VJs and video mappers, so we can’t resist is somebody wants to use it.

Lumen: It’s really interesting as I see. But can it be so non-commercial?

Paul: Yes, it is so. And the next Kaleidos collection will be based on Bezier curves. We hope

Lumen: Oh, we’ll see, we’ll see! And what about your OYÉ label?

Paul: It’s a team of Aurélien Krieger, Tallulah Frappier, Charline Dally, Dylan Cote-Colisson and me, Paul Vivien. Also we consist of Kaleidos, there’re two my friends more: Paul Appert and Tom Hebrard. Together we are visual art label and we’re getting involved in different projects and art events to spread our ideas. Also we’re studying all the time and the events like LPM is the gold mind for us.

Lumen: Yes, we all feel the same here. But I don’t see your fellows by your side. Are they all such cool visual artists?

Paul: Definitely, they are (“laughing”). To tell the truth, I teached video mapping two of them.

Lumen: Oh really? And how it was?

Paul: Easy and uneasy at the same time, but it was interesting experience. We all are young and under 25 years old. So for us the studying process is chronic.

Lumen: And how’s LPM 2015, what do you think?

Paul: I’m just arrived, but I’m sure it will be wonderful this year.

New project by Paul Vivien

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