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Quantum Space

Quantum Space / interactive room

Quantum Space. Interactive video room/installation. Life Zone exhibition at M’ARS Gallery, Moscow. 26.02.15 – 15.04.15 kuflex.com Cover photo by Sergey Samoletov Entering this room, you are disintegrating into quantums ...
The Han Show

The Han Show in the Wuhan, China

Wanda Group and Dragone proudly present a stage performance that exceeds the level of any performance in the world – The Han Show. This electrifying show is inspired by ...
Polar Lab 101

Lab 101 – Polar

This is a kind of future. First iteration of an interactive content presenter designed for the young and tech savvy audience of Hellospace Brussels. Using a Leap Motion sensor ...
Lumina from Obscura Digital

Lumina from Obscura Digital

Sales Gallery Installation Obscura provided Tishman Speyer with a creative technology solution for the LUMINA sales gallery in San Francisco, with a custom designed hardware and software system for ...


kling klang klong and schnellebuntebilder developed an interactive framework to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from body movement named MOMENTUM. Visuals – schnellebuntebilder schnellebuntebilder.de schnellebuntebilder is a ...