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The best source for such information is professional chat group. We’ve found such interesting dialog in linkedin and there’re some our conclusions in case of the best software for video mapping.

There’s NO absolute winner in competition of software for video mapping. Because of aims.

Video mapping is a mixture of some techniques: 3D, 2D, Compositing and Sound Design.

If you have to deal with 3D programs, use Cinema4D (has mograph), 3DS, Maya (good in modelling), Houdini (perfect in dynamics), After Effects or Nuke (motion graphics and compositing).

If you need Sound Design and music compositing, use Pro tools or Logic.

And you’ll have to deal with media server as well. Dataton Watchout, Catalyst or Pandora’s Box – every hardware has its own pros and cons.

That’s why, you should set all your aims clearly. And only after that you can choose software.

PC or Mac? Some software doesn’t care…

It depends on your needs really and if you are using pc or mac. If you are using pc, then try to use Resolume Arena 4.
On a mac you have at least 2 options: Madmapper which is super simple to use and has some nifty objecting scanning tool which can create an image of the object you are projecting onto from the angle your projector is pointing at using using your projector and a camera to make a scan of it.  And there is Millumin which is pretty similar, but is still in its beta phase.

So let the  force be with you in this long video mapping expedition! Find software that fits you the most. Use it perfectly.

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