The world’s top projection mapping artists are joining forces giving New Yorkers a mesmerizing outdoor experience next month!

The annual LUMA Festival is coming to Binghamton, NY on September 10 and 11 with a whole new lineup of world-class artists.

For their seventh anniversary, the 3D light show will transform the buildings of Binghamton into cinematic masterpieces! It also makes the perfect fall weekend getaway, just three hours north of NYC.

If you haven’t experienced projection mapping before, it’s a state-of-the-art technology that turns any physical object — even as massive as the Empire State Building — into an immersive art display. This technology is changing the way we experience and engage with art from all over the world.

This year, LUMA adds two new legendary artists to their list of internationally-renowned artists (for a total of five artists from around the world):

  • Sila Sveta (Moscow, Russia) is the ‘first call for every outrageous, unthinkable and unknown possibility in immersive experiences’. One of their most recent projects was XR content design for a Billie Eilish live stream.
  • LightHarvest (Brooklyn, New York) mastered the art of storytelling through projection mapping. Using both 3D architectural mapping and full body motion capture, LightHarvest connects with audiences uniquely.
  • Freckled Sky (Chicago, Illinois) is a team of innovators and dreamers with a mission to reinvent live performance in delightfully unexpected ways. Their work has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Eurovision, and stages all across the world.
  • Mindscape (Bucharest, Romania) often incorporates live dance and acrobats into narrative architectural mapping.
  • Maxin10sity (Budapest, Hungary) is a “master of 3D architectural transformation”. They are known for their astonishing scene transitions and their ability to reimagine building design in insanely creative ways.

The goal is to make this festival as accessible to the public as possible, so lucky for us LUMA decided to make it completely FREE to attend! Sign up here (and invite your friends!) to watch some of Binghamton’s massive buildings transform into captivating, immersive masterpieces.


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