When tea is poured into a teacup flowers bloom inside the cup. Move the teacup or pick it up and all of the flower petals scatter and spread outside of the cup. As long as there is tea in the cup, flowers will continue to appear and bloom. The artwork appears for the first time when there is tea in the cup; when the tea is gone, the artwork disappears. The work is rendered in real time by a computer program; it is not a prerecorded video. The artwork is influenced by the viewers, as their behavior causes continual change and transformation. This moment of the artwork can never be seen again and a previous state will never be repeated. ※You can enjoy this tea for free. WASO Tea House Allergy information The following ingredients are blended into WASO original tea. “ Soy flour , Loquat leaves , Honey , White Jelly Mushroom , Carrot ” *This blended tea uses soy flour. *This manufacturing factory manufactures products including wheat • milk • egg • soba • peanut • shrimp • crab.

Via TeamLab

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